The Best Harley Davidson Motorcycles for Long Rides



Harley Davidson motorcycles are synonymous with long rides, open roads, and the spirit of adventure. Renowned for their comfort, durability, and classic style, Harley Davidson motorcycles make excellent choices for riders who enjoy long-distance travel. This blog will explore some of the best Harley Davidson motorcycles for long rides, ensuring you find the perfect bike to accompany you on your next journey.

Harley Davidson Road Glide

The Harley Davidson Road Glide is a top choice for long-distance riders due to its comfort, stability, and advanced features.

Key Features

  • Fixed Fairing: The Road Glide’s distinctive shark-nose fairing is fixed to the frame, providing better stability and reduced rider fatigue on long rides.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics: The bike features a plush, spacious seat and well-positioned handlebars, ensuring a comfortable riding position for extended periods.
  • Storage and Technology: With ample storage space in its saddlebags and advanced technology like the Boom! Box GTS infotainment system, the Road Glide offers convenience and entertainment for long journeys.

Why It’s Great for Long Rides

The Road Glide’s fixed fairing reduces wind buffeting, making it easier to handle on highways. Its comfortable seating and advanced features make it an ideal choice for riders looking to cover long distances with ease.

Harley Davidson Street Glide

The Harley Davidson Street Glide is another excellent option for long rides, combining classic style with modern amenities.

Key Features

  • Batwing Fairing: The iconic batwing fairing provides wind protection and houses the bike’s infotainment system, enhancing rider comfort and convenience.
  • Touring Capabilities: The Street Glide offers a comfortable seat, ample storage, and a smooth ride, making it perfect for long-distance travel.
  • Performance: Powered by the Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine, the Street Glide delivers strong performance and reliability, crucial for long rides.

Why It’s Great for Long Rides

The Street Glide’s combination of style, comfort, and performance makes it a favorite among touring enthusiasts. Its wind protection and infotainment system enhance the overall riding experience, allowing you to enjoy the journey.

Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

For those seeking luxury and maximum comfort, the Harley Davidson Ultra Limited is a top-tier touring motorcycle designed for long rides.

Key Features

  • Comfort and Ergonomics: The Ultra Limited offers a heated seat and grips, a spacious passenger seat with a backrest, and an adjustable suspension for a smooth ride.
  • Advanced Features: Equipped with the Boom! Box GTS infotainment system, GPS navigation, and advanced rider safety enhancements, the Ultra Limited ensures a safe and enjoyable ride.
  • Storage Capacity: With its large saddlebags and Tour-Pak luggage carrier, the Ultra Limited provides ample storage for all your gear.

Why It’s Great for Long Rides

The Ultra Limited’s luxurious features and extensive storage make it perfect for long-distance touring. Its advanced technology and rider aids enhance safety and convenience, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free ride.

Harley Davidson Road King

The Harley Davidson Road King is a classic touring motorcycle that combines traditional style with modern performance and comfort.

Key Features

  • Classic Design: The Road King features a timeless design with chrome accents, a large headlamp, and hard saddlebags.
  • Comfort and Handling: The bike offers a comfortable seat, responsive suspension, and excellent handling, making it ideal for long rides.
  • Powerful Engine: Powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, the Road King delivers smooth and reliable performance.

Why It’s Great for Long Rides

The Road King’s blend of classic style and modern comfort makes it a versatile choice for long rides. Its responsive handling and powerful engine provide a smooth and enjoyable riding experience, whether you’re on the highway or winding back roads.

Harley Davidson Electra Glide Standard

The Harley Davidson Electra Glide Standard is a no-frills touring motorcycle that offers essential features for long rides without the added complexity of advanced technology.

Key Features

  • Simplicity and Comfort: The Electra Glide Standard focuses on the basics, providing a comfortable seat, spacious saddlebags, and a large windscreen for wind protection.
  • Performance: The bike is powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, ensuring reliable performance and a smooth ride.
  • Classic Touring Experience: With its minimalist approach, the Electra Glide Standard offers a pure and classic touring experience.

Why It’s Great for Long Rides

The Electra Glide Standard’s simplicity and focus on comfort make it an excellent choice for riders who prefer a straightforward and classic touring motorcycle. Its reliable performance and essential features ensure a pleasant long-distance ride.


Harley Davidson motorcycles are built for the open road, offering a range of models that excel in long-distance touring. Whether you choose the advanced Road Glide, the stylish Street Glide, the luxurious Ultra Limited, the classic Road King, or the straightforward Electra Glide Standard, each bike provides comfort, performance, and reliability for your long rides. These Harley Davidson motorcycles ensure that every journey is enjoyable and memorable, allowing you to fully embrace the spirit of adventure on the open road.

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