Kirkham Shelby Cobra Copper

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This is an anniversary special that became a rare, one-of-one sample. Kirkham Motorsports wanted to celebrate their years in the restoration and authentic car replica business that they decided to make a dozen of these copper-bodied Shelby Cobras. The plan never came to fruition though and only one unit was made. And it’s now available for sale. The car has a rolling chassis so you can choose your engine and transmission according to your budget or taste. Or you can buy the car as is and use it as a beautiful decor, which is less than ideal since this is a car built for running fast. $110,000.

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2 Comments to “Kirkham Shelby Cobra Copper”

  1. 02-15-2011 at 6:44 am

    Wow! nice paint job.. I like the copper color of it…

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