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Rolls-Royce Phantom Year of the Dragon Edition

It’s almost a week now when the Chinese New Year was celebrated and welcomed the Year of the Dragon. Many high-end devices and items with the Dragon theme have surfaced in the market, but one of the most talked-about is the Rolls-Royce Phantom Year of […]

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VAD Bentley GT Widebody

Modifying a Bentley may be likened to putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. But the bad boys at VAD (Vogue Auto Design) wield a magic wand and transform an otherwise docile Bentley GT into a fire-breathing monster. Number 16 of only 100 gets a […]

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Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead

Ask anybody, when they wanna describe something as the peak of luxury, they say it’s ‘the Rolls-Royce of anything’ (i.e. the Rolls-Royce of caviar, of suits or shoes). That’s just how they roll, literally, flowing with style and elegance. This Phantom Drophead coupe may be […]

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Bentley Continental GT V8

People have varying outlooks for 2012. Some look forward to a bright, new future. Others, on a darker side. Bentley however, unleashes their more sinister plot with the Continental GT V8. The new car may have four less cylinders than its cousins but it’s not […]

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Kahn RS300 Cosworth Edition

Still displaying his prowess when it comes to modified simplicity, Afzal Kahn offers the 2013 RS300 Cosworth Edition. The famed British tuner kept the fluid, flawless lines of the original Range Rover and stayed true to the Cosworth heritage. Coated in Fugi white, the RS300 […]

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Kahn Vesuvius Colors

Hot like lava but with explosive looks, these are the main selling points for these modifications on the Range Rover Sport. Afzal Kahn isn’t holding back on the steam and fire to release beautiful designs, so he follows up on the Vesuvius mod. New shades […]

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Lotus Evora S GP

While your typical road car will never be as fast as a Formula 1 racer, it doesn’t hurt to have something that’s inspired from the pinnacle of motor racing. F1 racing welcomed Lotus back and the team is showing a lot of promise. The company […]

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2014 Jensen Interceptor

A car with an awesome name like Interceptor should be kept alive for future gear heads to enjoy. The good news is that the second-generation Interceptor will be built by CPP Holdings, the same owners of Spyker and Zagato. It will feature an all-aluminum chassis […]

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Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition

Surely you’ve indulged yourself in a love affair with your car. I don’t mean something explicit, but something sensual, like when you felt the subtle curves after admiring the view. With Aston Martin’s 2011 release of the DBS Carbon Edition, you’ll get an even more […]

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Mulliner Bentley Classic Pack

Dressing up a Bentley is unheard of, it’s almost sacrilege really for the purists. But some people do want something to set their Continental GT from the others. Now they can, with the Classic Pack from coach builders Mulliner. The Classic Pack includes a new […]

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